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Avensis 2003 SR 2.0 D4 VVT-i


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I have just bought a brand new Avensis (2003) 2.0 SR D4 VVT-i Petrol 5 Door (Silver). It is a fabulous car and I am over the moon with it.

Anyone have any interesting Avensis SR tales or own an SR themselves. Any useful sites or info on the car (it is the model with Traction, VSC, etc) :D:D:D:cool:

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I don't know the technical blurb but this direct injection seems to be direct injection as we know it (on an injection rail) but also straight into the main combustion chamber via an additional injector. Also, I think Mitsibushi GDI was a diesel injection, as are Vauxhalls direct injection diesels etc.

Anyone know any more?:)

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GDI was definately a petrol engine!! I think Toyota told you a little white lie about the D4! Does it matter though.......I think not.

Why are Mitsubishi scrapping their GDI?

Can anyone clarify the difference between these 2 engines once & for all? What is this additional injector??


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Yes, you are right Starensis, GDI is a petrol direct injection engine.

You see, the advantage of direct injection petrol engine is that you get the power plus the economy on much greater scale. To achieve the economy, when the engine is not under load, say cruising at constant speed, it becomes a lean-burn engine. One time there was a lean-burn engine available on Carina E and early Avensis but with the D4, the lean mixture goes even further. The mixture of fuel and air ratio is roughly as follows.

Conventional engine = 1:14

Lean burn engine = 1:23

Mitsubishi GDI = 1:40

Toyota D4 = 1:50

The D4 was originally launched as 3S-FSE unit in 1997, the same 2 litre 3S unit offered on Carina E and early Avensis, although in the UK, 1AZ-FSE unit was the first to be launched back in 2000.

Nuff techy talk. To sum up in one sentence, "Great engine!"

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Yeah Got Black SR (2001) Fantastic car you will love every minute of the driving experience. Only difference my is the 2.0L VVT-i Petrol,

It wont let you down ..... especially on hazardous roads! :D :D :D

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I have a 2.0 carina (similar to the Avensis) and it is quite good. Problem is it is quite slow, eats tyres and is bland. However, it is reliable.

I get 20 mpg town vs. 30 mpg long run. Does the new avensis offer more? Is it really fast?

Finally, does it have many bits and pieces taken from the carina inside the car?

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um, no.. i am pretty sure that new avensis has nothing to do whatsoever with old carina, or even old avensis for that matter...

its first Toyota that got really rave reviews from all possible german car mags and tv shows... I mean they usually get ok to good reviews, but everyone is simply in love with avensis, and that even includes its design (sedan anyway)

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