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Cruising Range

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Have a 62 plate Yaris SR 1.33, I filled up the other day from around half full topping the tank right the way up.

I noticed straight away that the cruising range didn't re calculate the range after the refuel, and five days later it still hasn't. I've tried resetting, clearing the history any ideas or is a visit to the dealer ?

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Full your car right up to the brim again and it will sort itself out :P

If you car is brand new and only had a few fuel ups , it will take its time to sort out.

Just keep on brimming and it should sort it out.

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Can you remember how many litres you added as you need to add more than 15 litres of fuel before the range will recalculate, why? I don't know but all the current Toyota's with a range counter require the same.


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I think one time i have filled it up from 3/4 to full , which is about 9 or 10 litres and it updated i thinks.

Mines sitting Max at between 302 - 310 miles , blame the winter , max i have seen it is 381 miles Range

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Can't remember exactly how many litres, but I can remember it was £19 and at approx £1.33 it's a shade under 15 litres. But I'm sure I've put in less before and it's not happened. I never let it get very low so normally it's around half full before I brim it.

It's a bit poor if it can't handle being filled from 3/4.

I'll wait until it goes down to half and then brim it again.

To be honest though its the only problem I've had since picking it up new last September. VERY pleased with it, first Toyota and it won't be the last.

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I have a 13 plate yaris hybrid and since day one the range part on the trip computer has failed. At just over 2000 miles and three trips to the dealer they diagnosed it as faulty clocks. So they were replaced, but the problem still persists no matter how much petrol I put in.

Still a great car just annoying on a car costing nearly £18k!


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