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Does The Aygo's Radio Switch Off Briefly When You Start Your Car?

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I have changed the radio in Aygo from the original head unit to the "Mutant" head unit (MT7635USBI)and noticed this problem that I was unaware off. Namely, I turn the ignition key partially to turn on the acessory power (without starting the car) and I can listen to the radio. Now if I turn the key further and start the car the radio switches off briefly but comes back on on its own. It retains the radio station but the radio clock timing just resets to "0.0" and the equilizer setting resets too. What is the problem? The wiring at the back of mutant is ISO, same as the original radio, so no switching of yellow and red wire is required according to the diagram on the mutant and Aygo radio.

1. is it normal? Does the original Aygo radio also briefly switch off on starting the car?

2. is it the weak Battery, drawing too much current during start. The Battery shows green glow, it should be charged.

3. Is there a fuse that has blown, (at the back of mutant unit or in Aygo some where)?

4. Is it a earth problem?

5. Is there a problem with the yellow wire (constant current wire), so that all power is being drawn thro' the red wire (ignition switched) which switches off during car start? If that is the case how do we explain the retained radio station memory?

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Have you tried swappint yellow and red anyway?

I have a hunch this really IS your problem...

Second the above, your permanent and switched 12v feeds need to be swapped around

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Mutant head units iso pin contact were exactly like the Aygos original radio pin contacts and there fore I thought that it would work without swapping the wires. Here is the link to the mutant user manual that shows the iso contact at the back.


Just ordered the head unit harness so that I can swap the wires to check if it helps. I have allready checked the fuse in the instrument panel and it is ok. The Battery, though 4 years old is charged. I have not checked the audio fuse in the engine compartment and the one stuck to the back of Mutant unit as yet. After all that I would have done every thing possible to search for the problem.

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May have been another vehicle but I'm fairly sure the OEM radio in a car I've had in the last few years had the batt and acc feeds reversed and this had to be changed if a 'normal' radio was fitted. So I'd check with a meter or tester that these two connections are indeed the right way round.

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Just found out that there seems to be mistake in the aygo stereo pins coloured diagram posted earlier in this forum (referred below in the link) . I checked a peugeot user manual on the net and it says that the permanent positive pin is the A7 and the acessory (ignition ) pin is the A4. That explains why my stereo memory is playing havoc because I trusted that diagram in this forum. Now with the new harness and possibility of switching the A7 and A4 I should be able to sort it out. Here is that diagram that I am referring to.


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