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Aerial Base

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So the carwash broke the base to the aerial, the part you screw in has been pulled out and the plastic split a little on the top. I need to replace it but a few questions, I assume the base is secured from underneath by a bolt, so it should be just remove the liner and undo it? Also whats the best option to replace it, i have been to a few breakers but turns out the RAV4 isnt a very popular scrap car. Most shop recommend going to a dealer but i don't like the dealer prices normally so that will be my last option. Also is there anything that may be a slight upgrade or boost to the signal, before my radio was limited to one or two stations and anything from a car pulling up beside me to a tree would distort the signal.


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Not had my Rav aerial base out yet.

If its anything like my Golf you will find it held on by one bolt and a complex RF amplifier in the base..

Usually you remove the back trim to the headliner and gently pull it down just enough to get a access. Be careful that you don't crease the headliner. Best to do it on a warm day when all the plastics etc are less likely to snap.

If its does have electronics in the base avoid the many cheap OEM chinese copies on Ebay, I found them absolute rubbish.

It could be that the reason you have rubbish reception is water/corrosion has already eaten into the electronics, this is a very common problem in VW's.

Unfortunately, I think you need either to find one in a breakers or bite the bullet and buy genuine Toyota.

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