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Heater Not Working And Engine Temp Problems?

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I have a Toyota Corolla T sport and I am having problems with firstly the heater. Even when set to hot the air coming out is warm at best. Secondly the engine temp indicator on the dash seems to be shooting up, not to max, then quickly dropping back to normal. This only happens once every time i drive the car. Has anyone had similar problems or a solution?

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There are several things could be causing your problems.

Eliminating the easier ones first might be the best route.

You say your temp gauge goes up to high just once, is that about 5 mins after you have set off from cold ?

If so I would say its the thermostat sticking a bit when its trying to open fully.

If you have run for 30 mins and the engine is clearly warmed up and you still do not get any heat from the heater, first check the cabin air filter is not totally blocked, if ok and you do get a good air flow into the cabin then the is a strong chance the heater matrix is blocked.

There are some good posts in this forum on how to clear the blockage.

Apart for these two common faults, there are other things that could give you these problems so don't go ripping things out until you are sure of the cause.

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