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Poor Radio Reception On 9010 Sat Nav Unit (Avensis 2008 Tr Hatchback)

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I have a 2008 TR (hatchback) with the 9010 unit installed, quality is very good from the CD (apart from a blown front speaker which I am getting sorted), but FM radio reception is poor, the unit seems to struggle and the RDS is changing channel fairly frequently and even when it is staying in channel, there seems to be background noise (low hiss)

Does anyone know what this may be, I have taken it to a specialist who seems to think there may be a issue with a radio receiver amp unit (whatever that is but they don't know where it is in that model of car, does anyone know)

I have checked the aerial (built in) and I cant see any breaks, this is driving me up the wall, has anybody had this and been able to resolve it.

Thanks very much :fireman:

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Working backwards from the rear screen there is a short wiring harness that passes through the tailgate into the roof, then a section that goes along the roof down into the rear 1/4 panel this length of wiring contains the amplifier for the antenna .


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