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2003 Onwards Power Loss

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Hi I am new to this so not even sure if I'm in the right place. I have a Toyota avensis 03 onwards 153000 miles. I was sitting at traffic lights and went to take off and there was no power behind it at all. No em light came on but got it put on diagnostics anyway. It came up egr valve. After cleaning it it was still the same so I replaced it but still the same. Wen I sit and rev it it won't go past 4000revs and seems to rev up slow. My local mechanic doesn't want to look at it he says its one of those things try changing this and that. Has anyone else came across anything like this b4 any help would be appreciated thanks I should also add it was just serviced 3weeks b4 hand and been using the same bp filling station for 4 years so don't think it would b the fuel

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Hello Jay2013,

You could try renewing your fuel filter. I had no power at any revs above 2000 rpm. My mileage is 95000. Car pulls better now. May still have a lazy lamda sensor, my car fortunately only has one. If you go down this road take the old filter off first and measure all dimensions and in/out fuel line fittings, then use http://www.findpart.org/part/toy-???????? to access a trustworthy datasheet then run the new part number / manufacturer on suppliers' web sites.

Best of luck Phil

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Off Topic:

Interesting- on this site Findpart can't find original Toyota glow plugs for engine 1CD-FTV -(1985-27010) and for 1AD-FTV- (19850-0R10)

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Yes, this way is working, but search by number didn't work yesterday...now is working as well. Probably my fault...


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