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Clutch / Gearbox Problem On A 2005 1.8 Petrol

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Hey guys,

Just wondered if you have any advice. Just had my Avensis serviced / warranty at Toyota and on the way home I popped it into fourth to accelerate past a lorry and the engine kind of lagged as though I had left my foot on the clutch pedal.

I noticed that accelerating in 3rd Gear produced a juddering effect, although this only happened once.

Am I going mad? Does this sound like a clutch problem?

Car is an 05 Toyota Avensis 1.8 Petrol and has hit 70,000 Miles ish.

If it is the clutch what do you think it will cost?

Thanks for your time.....

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If the revs are getting higher when accelerating but the car doesn't go any faster you've probably got a worn clutch. An easy test is to park the car with handbrake on and try to pull away quite aggressively in 5th gear(not a typo). The engine should stall. If you can let the clutch almost out then it's worn. Try ebay for a price for a clutch kit and add 4 or 6 hours labour for someone to fit it.

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Thanks bud, got a quote for just under £400 which is 5 hours labour, Oil and clutch kit of course....it's not slipping too badly but it's guzzlig fuel about 20% more than normal and it will only get worse, roll on next wednesday so I can get it in......minimul mileage until then......cheers for the response

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