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Which Leather Gear Shift Knob?

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I'd really like to replace the gear shift knob for something a bit nicer in leather. I've trawled eBay and to be honest most of what's on there doesn't really appeal. I'm looking for a plain black leather knob so I was wondering what others on here have got?

Also I have a leather gaiter to fit. It seems like decent quality and will certainly look better than the OEM cheap & nasty vinyl cover. Last night I destapled the old cover so now I have a nice bare plastic frame to attach the new gaiter to. I hope to finish the job tonight but I noticed that the replacement leather gaiter material is a little thicker than the vinyl crappy one. Is this likely to be an issue? The replacement I have is model specific so in theory it shouldn't be a problem but does anyone have any experience of this? Will the slightly thicker material prevent the frame from sitting correctly in the aperture?


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