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What Is This?

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Hi all

We bought a corolla tsport few days ago. When changing the pollen filter I found s little box stuck on the filter cover. There's also a little switch ib the centre console by the handbrake. It turns on and iff but I have no idea what it is or what its use for . Unfortunately thre person we biught car off doesn't know as it belonged to his late father.

I'm hoping someone can identify what it is

Any help as always will be appreciated


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It is a laser jammer for detecting and blocking speed detection devices using laser technology (laser speed guns). Not 100% effective as, by focussing the gun on other parts of the car, police may still get a reading.

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Ok, thanks for that. Are these not illegal to use? Mrs don't normally go over speed limits so not something that she'd need think I might just pull it out. Thanks for that was scratching ny head all night


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In UK not actually illegal to use - police have taken prosecutions to court, but they've been dropped by Crown Prosecution Service for various reasons. As I said the police can usually get laser readings on cars to which they are fitted, by aiming the laser speed gun at other parts of the car. So the effectiveness of these jammers is questionable. If it is easy to remove or disconnect, I'd be tempted to do that.

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Thanks for that was thinking of doing that think it woould be sensible thing to do

Thanks for your input

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