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Ipod Not Working On Aygo Connect Multimedia

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Hi, I'm a new member and hope someone can help.

I have an Aygo Go 2011 model with built-in TomTom Connect Multimedia. The sat nav works fine but I can't get my iPod to play. I have the latest software for both devices. I connect the iPod using the cable connector provided, it registers on the TomTom screen and says it's loading the songs but then how do I control it from the TomTom screen? The manual says to press the 'SCR' button in the device housing. I've tried that but nothing happens. I've tried pressing the 'MODE' button but, again, nothing happens. I've called TomTom and they think it's a problem with the housing i.e. it's probably mechanical and, because they don't make the hardware, it's Toyota's problem.

Any one had the same problem?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome to the TOC. Try putting your questions on the Aygo forum on here. This section is for introductions only.

God luck sorting your problems.

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Have you selected aux on the car radio. I found that you had to do this with a usb stick so might have to do for a ipod as well.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Gwynfor, that worked. I feel like I should smack myself on the forehead and say 'doh'! But I couldn't find any instructions saying you had to press Aux on the cd/radio unit first. Thanks again for your help.

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