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New Engine ?

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Just being told my Celica GT 55' Plate wants a new engine 120k miles. Ive had it since new and have many times been told i need to change it to something more practical for work, im up and down the country with work but refuse to give it up. If i wanted a box on wheels i'd get a bmw. I feel if im going to get an engine should i get one built from scratch or a low mileage one. While im at it should i do anything else while there in their.

Any comments or thoughts would be a great help The 2ZZ-Ge engine is what i need or is their another that i could use also, maybe make me go faster :clap:

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Have a chat with Lee at Se7en Motorsports. He knows the 2ZZ better than anyone, and can be trusted implicitly, as he has been looking after many members on celica-club.co.uk for a few years. As regards more performance, again, Lee is your man.


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What's wrong with it that it needs a new engine?

As Scarlet Arrow says Lee @ se7en motorsports is the best in the UK with the 2ZZ engine, whatever you want doing, be it standard or modified

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