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Reverse Sensors - Beeper Location?

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First post here, have owned 6 Toyotas to date but somehow never posted until now.

Bought a 2012 Avensis D4D last week, its an Aura model (I know model specs / names differ in UK so its next up from base model). It does not come with reversing sensors as standard however the previous owner ordered them as an extra and they were fitted at dealership day 1. No reversing camera on in-dash screen just sensors and a beeper.

My problem is I am finidn it hard to hear the beeper when reversing, with the radio on its almost impossible. I'm not hard of hearing, and don't think I'm going mutt & Jeff. I took the side carpeting out of the boot to find my beeper is located in the bootspace. I would have thought it should be located somewhere behind the dash or within the cabin space at the very least.

Can anyone tel me where this beeper is located on models that came with factory fitted reversing sensors and corresponding beeper? I doubt its a bid deal to relocate? Looks like a simple job to extend the two wires, anyone any advice?


"012 Aura

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Had a look through that and it seems they have installed according to instruction........................

Methinks a move into the cabin is in order................. either that or hearing aids

Thanks for the link Peter

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