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Hilux D4D - Difficulty Starting........... Does Anyone Have Any Ideas?

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My 06 plate D4D has recently decided to occasionally refuse to start...........

Symptoms first appeared a couple of weeks ago when the cold weathjer really kicked in. However, the 'fault' is intermittent - it either starts as I turn the key or it takes forever. To someone with limited mechanical knowledge, it's as if there's no fuel in the pipe and it's got to work it's way from the tank. But why isn't it every time I try to start her up. There are no noises and no other clues I'm afraid

There are 84,000 miles on the clock and last service which was a biggie was carried out in May at 77,000 miles

Anyone got any bright ideas before I take it to the dealership for the sharp intake of breath...................


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Have you tried preheating a couple of times or/and priming the filter before trying to start ?

Does it make any difference ?

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I've had the 2 faulty injectors replaced and also had the 90,000 mile service completed so just parted with more than £1,100...................

It's advertised in Autotrader - you'll see it if you do a search my number begins 07740 - if interested give me a call


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