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Front Wiper Problems

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Toyota Corolla 2001 GS beautiful car, quiet, reliable, no rust on bodywork, except the front windscreen wipers are slapping the bottom of the window frame. Checked the push rods under the cowling, they are slightly worn but not enough to cause this movement. Adjusted the wipers but to no avail they still slap. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I am beginning to suspect the motor is at fault, but do not want to buy a motor just in case its not at fault? But giving the car is 2001 that's 11 years old the motor maybe cream crackered. Any one got or had the same problem? When you touch the wipers there is movement of about 1 inch, is this an indication the motor is gone. When we had the cold weather the wipers were working ok, but once warmed up they become slappers!

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Obviously I am the only one with or have experienced Slapping wipers, not many members mention they have had the same problem. Going to buy a new one next month. Considering this car is 11 years old, it still drives as new so I cannot really complain about this trivial issue.

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