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Toyota Celica Issue Need Help!

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I recently purchased these springs and shocks off a popular bidding website. however i found when taking the rear drivers side shock off my standard 2004 toyota celica vvti 140bhp and compared it against these shocks i purchaced the rear spring and shock were the exact same size measurements wis eand had the same hand painted factory markings. i found this very odd. I am now under the assumption that the set of springs and shocks i purchased are the exact same as the ones on my car........meaning that they are standard and not lowered by 20mm as stated in the advert below and the messages that is sent and recieved. Please read them below and please let me know if toyota ever did do spings and shock combination 20mm lowered optional extra on the celicas and what you think i should do next? many thanks in advance. cheers. Brian Advert:

Toyota celica vvti sport suspension set

2003 Toyota celica vvti full sports suspension 20mm drop. all in use able condition. post or collection happy bidding.



Me - Hi,very interested in your Celica shocks and springs. You mentioned that Theresa drop of 20mm all round on the springs, are these aftermarket performance springs or are they off a higher powered Celica model? What make are the springs and what mileage was the car that the shocks have come off?

Seller - hi these shocks an springs came from a 2002 190 model but spring are optional 20mm drop from standard ones at maindealer. ive only removed due to putting coil-overs on an larger wheels. so all 4 shocks an spring are in full working order.

Me - Thanks for that info. Will these springs and shocks fit without any adjustment, my 2004 Toyota Celica 1.8 vvti (ZZ1 FE) 140bhp model. What mileage was on the car that the shock came off? Thanks Brian

Seller - yes they will fit on both the 140 & 190 models from 1999-2006 with no problems. milage was on 67000. regards

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Give the springs a rub down, if they are toyota springs they will have a white "TTE" logo somewhere on them, these are the only springs that were offered from a dealership and they were a 30mm drop not 20mm.

The shocks look standard, and if as the seller said had changed them for coilovers then they will be standard shocks. You would very rerely change from one set to another set of the same thing unless they were leaking.

If you can find the logo on them, then depending on the mileage of your shocks I would take the springs off the ones you bought and replace them with what's on yours.

If I get chance tomorrow I will get a pic of the TTE logo for you, I'm 99% sure they have them on.

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Thanks for that, what you said make complete sence and that there is no factory 20mm drop.

I have no use for the springs as they are in poor condition compared with the spring on my 80k milage car. If you can send me on a pic showing the TTE logo that would help alot.



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armored is correct in saying there is a small white "TTE" logo on the Springs, there may also be an "Eibach" logo too. These Springs are still available to order from Toyota Dealerships, at a cost of around £140 plus VAT. You will probably need to replace the front drop links too, but these are relatively inexpensive. Toyota quote a drop of 26-30mm for the TTE's.

If the Springs are unmarked, get a full refund from the seller inc. postage.

HTH :)

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Thanks for the info guys. i will have a look at the springs closely tomorow in the light of the morning and let you know the result. if they are standard shocks and spring then i will have to be asking for my money back and explain everything to the seller.

Thanks Again


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Hi again,

Just been out and cheecked over the springs I purchased, and no TTE logo but here are the lettering/numbering on them:

Rear springs have - 48530-2B.780GFTOKICO JAPAN

Front springs have - TOYOTA JAPAN 0--12

What you reckon guys......are they deffo stanard for a vvti??

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Could be standard

As I said the TTE springs have this on them and is the only way to identify them, I would contact the person you bought them off and mention this to them. I'm pretty sure TTE springs are made in Germany, as they are supposed to be made by Eibach who are a German company.

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