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Trd Engine Parts Needed. Anyone Know Where To Get Hold Of Them?

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I have a Trd m sport and Ive decided to give it a bit of a make over with an engine rebuild. Reason being, I have a friend who owns a garage and he can do it for a reasonable price, plus I just want to clean out it innards. Weve started to strip it down, and a few things are looking warn so I want to replace them whilst the engine is lifted.

The thing is though, I cant find anywhere online a retailer for Trd engine parts. Ive found a clutch which Im gonna replace as the car has done around 85000 miles now, but I would also like to replace a con rod. I never fully realised, but the con rods are totally unique to the engine, so buying a performance con rod for a standard celica wont fit the bill by the looks of things as they are a completely different cross section so the weighting is likely to be completely off

Does anyone know where i could find a set, or just one? Im stuck


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Yeah, ive had a look into them before but with so little info out there about whats in a TRD engine its hard to to a guess at replacement parts. For now, all i can say with certainty is that they are x-beam style instead of the normal I or H beam

And im still waiting for my membership to get approved over on celica club so i cant post :s

Thanks for replying though mate

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You can post in the newbies section on celica club without membership.

Fensport seem to be the only ones who will get hold of the TRD parts you require, but you will probably have to ring them.

Not all sports M's had the uprated pistons, it has been discussed on new celica quite a few times. If you can't get TRD then surely any uprated pistons will be fine, or possibly cheaper than buying TRD.

New celica forums seem to have a little more info about upgrading engine internals than on celica club, but we still have quite a few who know their stuff. But there again new celica is USA members and they have a lot more heavily modded cars than we have over here.

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Ive spoke with fensport and they cant say for certainty what I would be best going with. Its got a greddy supercharger installed too but even with that it 'only' pushes out around 260bhp so I dont think hugely uprated ones would be needed really. From what I can make out they are needed for 300+ engines. Hopefully standard t sport zz231 rods will do but I have no idea really

Hmmmm, it tricky : )

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Someone also said the sports M has a higher rev limit than the standard 8200rpm. Don't know as i've never been in one to find out. If so there could be the possibility of needing forged pistons for that.

Depending what your changing in the engine and if it has a higher limiter then you'd have to consider uprated valves, retainers and springs.

You'll struggle to get any more than what you have out of the greddy, if you haven't already got them then consider some stage 2 cams for getting rid of the power dip just before lift kicks in at 6200rpm. Or even stage 3 cams, but not sure what these give as I haven't looked at them.

Smaller pulley on the greddy charger to increase the psi

Underdrive waterpump and altenator pulley will add a little to the accelleration but not to the power.

Greddy's not designed for huge power, other option would be custom manifold to be able to fit an intercooler to bring down the intake temps as these kits run quite hot so the intake temp of the air should be over 50-60degrees celcius, may add a few extra bhp.

Downside is the gen 7 is FWD, although there are a few cars on celica club running over 300bhp and some over 400bhp, but they are still FWD.

Only other option for high power is rotrex supercharger by se7en motorsports, he's the best with the 2zz engine, he can supply the kit and you fit or he can fit.

Sometimes it's not all about the power, it's what your happy with the car feeling like when your driving.

I am currently looking at a few options for forced induction, have been in a gen 7 with a greddy charger and it's only pushing 240bhp, this would be ideal for me as it picks up nicely and plenty of more power over the standard N/A.

It depends on what your trying to achieve out of it

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