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Hi I've been in the UK since 2010 and I'm finally able to get a car at the end of Feb. I was fixed on getting a DW5W (mazda demo mk1) as my first car but found that i can insure a Toyota Corolla E12 cheaper so i think as far as i know now I'm aiming for that car. I'm in a group called Touge Dreamers and we have a Facebook page


I love drifting a lot i've always followed it. My fav car isn't a toyota (sorry for toyota lovers) but it is a Nissan S13. A big hobby of mine is editing car videos, and I love it and I hope to become really good at it someday:) i am currently working on a video at the moment so if you are interested just like my Facebook page it'll be uploaded there if not then shoot me a message and i will send you the link when it is done and uploaded ;) I am still adapting to this cold weather here in the uk lol.


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Yea I liked the Demio because it looks like its an unusual car to get some stance on it. I've research for ages on parts for the 1st Gen demio and i've done some photoshopping and it would look unique it would be one of those cars that no one really get to mod it :) , but i also like the corolla E12. Hard decisions lol. But yea the Mazda 2 looks good aswell

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