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Passenger Side Back Lights Prob

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Toyota Avensis Back lights Prob

Hi ii have a Toyota Avensis 2000 lean burn model 1.6

Tonight i thought a bulb had just gone but seems it might be more

The back lights on Passenger side seems dead , my hazardads indicators stop light dont work on that side

When i put my foot on brake the light comes on but thats all would it be a Fuse if so were would i find that

the other side works user_online.pngreport.gif

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Too many seperate circuits not working to be a fuse. Perhaps more like an earth point or something. Have a look at the wiring near the back light for a corroded joint or something.

There should be separate fuses for indicators, hazards, left side sidelight and tail lights (and often reg plate light in with that one too), fog or reverse, and stop lights.

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if you can take out the other one that is working an plug it in an see if it all works...might be silly question but did you check the bulbs??

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