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Manual Gearbox Sticking In First.

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My 2007 2.2 D4D manual 6-speed has just begun to stick in first gear. It feels a bit stiff when engaging first and when coming out; sometimes it stays stuck and can only be disengaged by switching off engine and rocking car back and forth by hand.

This has happened fairly quicly (developed over a week).

Any ideas what is wrong?

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It sounds like the gearbox is loaded - very much like Charlie says if the clutch was dragging but if it does it with the engine off that is a bit more curious.

I would suspect the linkage (which can be adjusted) or something to do with the countershafts out of timing and that is a big job.

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I thought I should update this post.

I took the car to my local transmission specialist (I already knew of them, but was further encouraged to ask them when they were recommended by the manager of the local "Mr Clutch"; who clearly had little faith in the abilities of his own august organisation.)

They found the problem was, as they had suggested from my description over the 'phone, the synchro on 1st. They replaced the 1st/2nd hub and synchro rings. Whilst they had it in bits they put in a new clutch and dual-mass flywheel. So an expensive job (£1800) but, in conjunction with the new engine at 60,000 miles (a free gift from Toyota), it should be good for some time to come.

I had to take it back a couple of times as it was dripping Oil from the transfer box. Eventually they ordered official sealing washers from Toyota and this seems to have cured the leaks. Previously they had used copper washers (Three plugs, presumably drain, fill and breather?) which didn't want to seal.

It's a shame that a front caliper has now seized, causing further expense and further depletion of my faith in Toyota's quality (my other car is a ten year old VW Sharan which has done 115,000 miles and never had anything fail; having worked for Rover for years and doubted VW's perceived quality and always believed Toyota were the best, my views of automotive quality achievement have been turned upside-down.)

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