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Toyota Corolla Tspirit Indicators No Working But Haqzards Light Work

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My toyota corolla TSpirit 2004 (1.6L), the indicator (turn signal lights) not working, neither any green arrows flashing. But the Hazard warning lights work ok.

I have checked most of the fuses including Guage, Hazard and ssome other ones etc but they are ok. I have also replaced the indicator stalk switch but its still not working.

Is there any relay that could be faulty or any thing else? Anyone has electrical diagram for the turn signal etc.

Please let me know. I have my MOT in a couple of days.

Thanks for reading.

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Possibly the indicator relay - search the forum for 'indicator relay' (there was a topic dated 7th March 2011 which gives the location of the relay and how to get to it).

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On a standard rolla it seems there is just the Turn Signal Relay that accepts signals from the hazard and indicator switches.

Again on the rolla believe the relay in under the rh side storage box of the dashboard, but you will need to look in your owners manual for the Auris



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