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2013 Auris Front Emblem

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Hello! guys!!

My name is Manny. I'm sending this topic from Japan.

I have 2013 AURIS RS (It's a Japanese domestic model).

I would like to make it into the UK model style.

I think the first difference is the front emblem.

So, I want to know parts number of front emblem 2013 AURIS Sport 1.6.

If possible, I'd be grateful if who could teach me parts number.

Plz...Help me. :help:

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

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Grass is always greener... We are making our cars look like JDM and japanese guys come to ask for europarts :D

So, Manu. I did understand that you have Netz Badge and you want to replace it with Toyota logo? You will need a base too, because the badges have different shape. Just send a PM to Parts-King on this forum, he will be able to help you for sure with part numbers because he's selling parts here :)

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Hello Speed_Chaser. Nice to meet you.

That's right!

I think "N" Badge is not so cool. :g:

Then, I thought that I would like to make a UK style model.

I will need a base?

Isn't it contained in the parts number written by Devon?


I would like to buy it in the neighborhood, if it can do. :no:

Thank you.


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I think that the base is not included, because I remember some guys wrote they couldn't fit their Netz emblem as they hadn't ordered the base, so probably this works vice versa aswell. I am not 100% sure, but better make sure.

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Hi, Speed_Chaser.

I see, I understand well. :yes:

By the way...

I think that it is cool UK style better than JDM style.

For example, AURIS TOURING SPORTS is so cool, but will not be released in Japan.

Toyota is a Japanese manufacturer, but domestic style is ... :yucky:


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So did you find out if you need to buy the base separately, or did you just ask for the price of that part number you got?

Hey, you can always make a swap if you like. I'm sure someone wants the Netz Badge on this forum as people have been discussing it quite often.

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Hi! I'm "hiro191",living in japan.

I got AURIS RS(2013) and looking for toyota Badge.

I modified toyota badges from avensis(75301-05030).

(It included Badge and base.)

but i really want eudm TOYOTA Badge.

Thanks to Devon,I got EUDM Badge number.

So I'm going straight to toyota parts shop!!!

By the way, as you may know, JDM "NETZ" Badge for auris 2013.

75301-12480(base and badges)

75311-12B30(NETZ badge)


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Hi. Speed_Chaser,

1. That is just as you say. :yes: I needed the base.

2. I am informed of the parts number and prices by :king:.

Thank you for introducing him :king:for me.

He :king: taught me: I can get them cheaper in Japan. That's great!!

He is a nice person.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. :)


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Yes indeed, nice guy he is :) I'm glad that everything's fine now, good luck with your project!

You can try to send a PM to hiro, if he's gone he will probably get e-mail notification about it and come back to read the post :D

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Hello guys,

Ahh... I would like to confirm just in case...

This parts number fits 2013 AURIS(ZRE186 & NZE18#), isn't it? :o

In Japan, 2013 AURIS equal ZRE186 & NZE18# model... this is all.

I think, same the situation in your country.

May I understand it like that?


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