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02 Sensor


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Got a 2.0 litre vvti on a 2004 plate and engine management keeps coming on code p0136 bank 1 sensor 2.

Can anyone tell me where this is located on the vehicle and tell me where i can get a replacement.

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I have the same car as you and the same problem.

The sensor is the bottom left (passenger side)

I have just ordered one from my local toyota dealer at a cost of £170.77 the part No if you are interested is T89465-05120 this is for 2.0 vvti engine.

Hope this helps you

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bank 1 means nothing cause you have an inline engine

there would be a bank 1 and 2 on a v6 etc due to 2 x heads/manicats.

sensor 1 means the first o2 sensor ( pre cat converter )

sensor 2 means post cat o2 sensor

could be the cat itself not functioning properly and showing sensor 2 as a bad reading

but id check plugs for carbon/rich running to indicate sensor problem

usually a god hard run will make cat work for a bit then come and go with eml showing now and again.

theres a test you can find on the net to check the 02 sensor voltages or if the elm327 works on the toyota protocol you can download an app called torque (free) to a smart phone to see lambda switching efficiency..

going back to my vectra gsi 3.2 v6 there was nothing much you could do to tune it and it was restricted with 2 manicats and another cat after the collector. if you done away with the manicats you had to space out the 2x sensor 2 (post cat) to fool it into thinking it was getting a cleaner mix between the sensor 1 and sensor 2.

id remove sensor 2 and put a couple of sealing washers on to shim it out of the exhaust flow a bit to see if light stays off , just to rule out the cat starting to fail and if i didnt want to buy a cat until mot time lol

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From what I know about the 2.0 litre vvti, it has 4 sensors and 3 catalytic converters. 2 sensors in the 'maniverter', 1 'pre; before the main cat', and 1 'post' after the main cat.

What is known is that the 2 cats in the maniverter, are known as bank 1 and bank 2. That is how the industry has identified the set up. Other posts have mentioned this in the past.

Glad my car has a single sensor, because these multi sensor set ups can be confusing.

I hope I am not rude to the previous poster. Just providing info!

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no probs, every day is a school day

im not a car machanic

im a plant electrician and mechanic diesel / petrol and lpg .and just know from cars i have personaly worked on and described in thier diagnostic software.

so i stand corrected ta

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Sorry for the slight cross post but I just put this thread up about o2 sensor warning lights. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=145144

Can Oxygen Sensor related warning lights be safely ignored? Interesting to hear about having it checked - might have that done.

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