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Toyota Radio Not Playin

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I have radio model 86120-42130 which would not play. The dispaly shows that there is power, however, no sounds comes out of the Speakers..In the past I used to give a good slap on top of the dashboard and it would play. I have disconnected the radio to investigate, no broken wires were found. Please help.

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I'm not an expert with radios - there are a handful of wizards on here who are.

The first RAV4s had a fault with the wee clock display going off. The clock would be working but a dry joint inside the clock led to the display light going off. The fix was sometimes a thump on top of the dashboard.

Have you checked the condition of the plugs/sockets at the rear of the radio, or does the display show a radio channel ? I vaguely remember there being posts before about radios on this forum, so try doing a search.

Good luck.

No, I never fixed the clocks. My number 1 RAV now has no dashboard so the clock has gone and number 2 RAV has a recent JVC unit fitted which has DAB radio and a clock display on the front too.

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Thanks bothwell_buyer.

I have checked the condition of the plug/sockets at the rear of the radio and they look fine (to the untrained eye). Yes, the display does show various channels stored. I will search to see if I cannot find more posts regarding this.

thanks once more.

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Is the model on front of the radio "58812"....? Despair not......there are some on ebay as we speak. There is an expensive fix available and very common fault on these units for CPU to pack in, but the fact it previously sorted with a dashboard thump usually points to bad or dry contact.

Big Kev (60)

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