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New Verso Owner - Couple Of Questions?

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Hi All,

I've just bought a 2002 Corolla Verso 1.8 vvti (54000miles) manual. Having driven it for just a couple of days I've got a couple questions that maybe someone knows the answers to.

~ Does this model have a cam chain or a cam belt? I've read lots of confusing information and can't find an accurate answer. Does anyone know? The service history on the car isnt full so I'm trying to predict what I'm in for when I take it for a 60,000 mile service.

~ What's normal for the clutch biting point? - If there is such a thing? I have driven a few different cars and this one seems low. The clutch bites when I lift my foot nearer the floor than the end if that makes sense. I'm hoping that this is fine and not a sign that the clutch is on the way out however I have noticed the engine feels a little jerking going up hill every know and then - another ominous sign?

Any light that can be shed would be greatfully appreciated



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Hi, in reply to your first question, I also came across the same confusing info. The only sure way to find out is to ring Toyota and give them the Reg. No. then they can check their system to confirm which it has.

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