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Where Is That Noise Coming From.

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yaris TR 1.33 petrol, manual, 2009 model, registered 2010. 19000 miles. Owned from new. Still in warranty - just.

Week before last I started to hear a graunching sound when braking. Metal to metal type of sound, so I thought pads are worn. Bit dischuffed, only 19000 miles. Took it to my dealer, who had a look and said plenty of meat left on the pads. They stripped and cleaned everything, and all seemed OK. (no charge by the way, Lindop Brothers, Wrexham.)

Today, 100 miles later, the sound is back, plus there is a rythmic "beat" , most prominemt when pottering along at 10 - 15 mph in 2nd. Road speed related. Anyone any ideas?



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Brake pads binding in slides. Pads tilting and not freeing, edge catching on disks.

Strip and clean.

(Had it on my Yaris: take out pads, clean slides, cooperease all areas of rear of pads which contact piston and slides in caliper.)

Ditto on BMW 3 series years ago.

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