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B9010 A Program Can Not Be Read. Please Consult To A Dealer

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Hi guys

I have a 2008 57reg Avensis T180 which had the B9010 navigation unit fitted until it stopped working one day, only displaying:

"A program can not be read. Please consult to a dealer"

I wasn't too bothered about this as just before this happened I had been looking very closely at upgrading the unit to an all-singing-all-dancing DVD bluetooth unit as I was very disapointed that the unit did not have bluetooth hands-free even though the car was supposed to be the ultra top-spec model in the range, whereas my old 56reg Mondeo had bluetooth hands free! I expected more from Toyota. Anyway, I digress!

I replaced the unit with a JVC KW-AV70BTE and put the B9010 to one side with the intention of selling it on eBay one day for spares or repairs.

Having looked a bit more closely into it, I have read from several different sources and one of my customers also vouched for this as he had exactly the same problem with one of his customers' unit after the Battery had been disconnected - that all I'd need to do to get the unit working again would be obtain a different navigation DVD from somewhere else and load it to this and it would start working again.

Can anyone confirm if this is true? And if so, where would I be able to obtain a navigation DVD from? The point of this exercise being to try to be able to get more for selling it on eBay as a working unit rather than for spares or repairs, so naturally I'll want to keep the cost down as much as possible (I'm not going to fork out £50 for a disc from the dealer!).

Or maybe someone on here as one they can lend me? I could pay a small amount for the inconvenience plus a large deposit to ensure you'll receive the disc back.

Can anyone help???

Kind regards


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Can't comment on the fault but replacement/upgrade discs are availble here:


Thanks very much for your input and the link, but £40 is a bit more than I would be willing to spend on this as I can't guarantee I'd more than recoop that by the increased resale value of it being a working unit... IF indeed it fixes the problem at all! Anyone else got a possible solution? Maybe I should try to find one on Auto Trader local to me a slip the seller a tenner for letting me borrow his disc for a few minutes!

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I have the same problem. I have a 2011 Avensis. I changed the Battery. And later the radio would not work. It says " A program cannot be read, please consult to a dealer".

The dealer here in Ireland reckons I need an SD card with a certain file on the SD card. Does anyone know how I can get this file to my email ?

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