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Which Battery?

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Hi all

I've got an 07 Corolla, Colour Collection 2.0D4-D

Today it wouldn't start. Key in, and all I get is faint lights on the dash and a loaf of clicking from the glove box. Luckily I had RAC as I was stuck and was a little worried as to what was wrong.

Turned out its the Battery. Phew! Totally dead. He got it going, so I could get home. I have tried it now I'm home...... Nothing.

The Battery that's on it is 70aH with CCA of 720A

My question, having looked around is do I have to buy a Battery that matches those figures or can I buy one that have figures that are slightly less. For example I've found one that is 72aH & CCA 680 and also one that is 80aH & CCA 780 but I'd about 4cm longer than the original one.

Help, what do I go for? The prices online are considerably cheaper too then through the shop.

Ok would be grateful of any advice.

Thanks for looking

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When buying a Battery it should be at least the same spec as the original one or Bigger.

You usually have some space to play with in the Battery compartment , its usually height thats the most limiting one.

If it will fit go for the larger 80ah one.

Check places like Euro Car parts and GSF for good quality ones and prices.

ECP have some deals on Bosch S4 batteries, got one myself last year.

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I wouldn't skimp too much on the battery; The Corolla 2.0 D4D is notorious for needing a strong Battery to start; A weaker one will die a lot quicker (My brother's one had a 'normal' car Battery in it when he bought it and had an issue with very lethargic starts. A year later, Battery died, replaced it with one from Halfords, died in 6 months. Now has a proper beefy one that actually fills the Battery bay, unlike the other 2 (That should have been a big hint in hindsight :lol:) and has been fine since. Even better since we found his starter was defective a fortnight ago and replaced that too :lol:)

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I'd go with a Bosch S4, bought mine a couple of years back and i haven't had a problem since...super quick starts 1st time everytime...i'm sure Oldcodger bought his after my recommendation to him...lol...or was it the other way round!!! Anyway, you could go for the S5 too for that extra power and which has the 5 year guarantee and personally...this is a girly thing...i recon these Bosch batteries look the sexiest ever...lol !!! Now i know its not about looks but its true though,lol.

:fox: :fox: :fox:

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Hi, thanks fit all your replies.

Ordered one today with a better spec than the one that's on it and with a 5 yr warranty. Its not the Bosch but a Varta Battery. I don't think they're a bad Battery, well I hope not cos its coming tomorrow.

Thanks again

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Oh yeh..Varta...goodlooking Battery too...sexy blue...lol...you'll be fine...grease up those terminals...clamp it down...close your bonnet...and you'll never need to think about it for a while to come!


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Thanks again....battery came yesterday. Little bit fiddly securing it but all done and good.

Quick question...does the key fob have a Battery? Opened it up and I couldn't find one. The key had been sluggish locking and unlocking the car and I thought it could have been the key Battery but now I'm starting to think that it may have been the car Battery dying all along.

Any thoughts?

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