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Trd Gt86 - Total Rip Off

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I posted this on the Toyota Blog but they havent approved it as it proves how much of a rip off the TRD GT86 is. So on top of being a rip off it goes to show that Toyota havent even got the balls to let there be freedom of speech on their blogs. So here is my post in all its glory now from one very peed off ex Toyota Owner.

This is not the TRD Version that we were expecting and at around £6500 more than the standard version it should have the FULL TRD Parts list. For this kind of money you are better off buying a normal GT86 and then purchasing all the TRD parts seperately off the internet from Japan (£3050.37 + Delivery + Fitting). Now i dont expect Toyota to include the TRD Big Brembo brake kit at this price (The standard brakes are awesome). But i do believe at this price the rest of the TRD Catalog for this car should be included. TRD Spoiler, TRD Air Filter, TRD Push Start Button, TRD Oil Cap, TRD Oil Filter, TRD Front Pads, TRD Rear Pads, TRD Front Strut Brace, TRD Member Brace, TRD Door Stablizers, TRD Brake Hoses, TRD Shocks/Springs & the TRD Roll Bars. This little lot is £3679.84 + Delivery + Fitting. So combine the two and then you roughly see the extra £6500 that you are asking for. Seeing as these are the retail part prices i would expect you not to have any problems including this all within the £31995.00 price tag. With this kind of spec i would buy one in a heartbeat, but with the spec being offered its a rip off.

I hope that this information is useful to people who are considering the TRD GT86.

Dont get me wrong, i want to see Toyota and the GT86 do well. But the fact that they BLOCKED my post on their blog has really got my back up now.

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That's how blogs / forums work, they are moderated, otherwise any old tosh could be posted up for all to see. They don't want your personal negative view to be aired

We used to have a blog on our own site, it was such a pain in the rrr's to moderate, people with anything to say about any old irellevent subject would post to it, took it down in the end, too much trouble

They are a manufacturer, thats what they do, make a limited edition, create desire and sell it with extra profit, every manufacturer is the same, nothing is new

Kingo :thumbsup:

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I agree Kingo,

it's just like buying a diesel car costing maybe 4k more than the petrol version it doesn't really add up but people will still buy one. It has always bugged me to be quite honest, another example would be the cost of a basic model of any car against the cost of the top of the range model .... it's like all the extras are purchased outright without deducting the cost of the standard parts already fitted in the basic model :rolleyes: .


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