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Turn Off Alarm When Remote Keyfob Fails

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Is this possible? The last two evenings after walking i get back to the car and the red light on key fob is dim and won't unlock. Key is cold and a few moments later it worked. This evening in my local tesco it failed again after a walk with the hound in the cold.

I had to unlock with the key and on opening the door the alarm sounded. It started fine and allowed me to drive to the other side of the carpark (sirens blaring). No one batted an eye that I was possibly stealing my own car!

Keyfob Battery changed already so prob solved.

Just would be good to know if this happens again if the alarm can be turned off.

There has been the odd occasion in the past when the keyfob failed when parked under overhead wires but as soon as I got away from that the keyfob returned to normal operation.

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Not sure if you can disable the alarm any other way.

That is why I have a spare keyfob Battery and a small philips screwdriver in the pocket behind the drivers seat.


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Cheers Phil. That sounds like a great idea! When I first read your post I thought you left a spare keyfob behind the drivers seat. :0

I thought that once the key went into ignition and started the car the alarm would disable but that's not the case.


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But Don...my keyfob had failed. :)

For reference on the 4.2 using a working key fob....one press locks/sets alarm.

Two press sets deadlocks.

Three press turns off interior alarm so I can leave the dog in the car without it going off. (indicators stay on for a few moments when you do this).

Press again after the third press to turn the interior alarm back on.

Hope that helps. Lee

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