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Fuel Filler.

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I tried to feed the contents of my metal 20 litre jerry can into my SR180 today and succeded in regularly splooshing a shed load down the wing onto the tyre and surrounding tarmac. After about 20 minutes and only after probably getting approx 7 litres in the tank and 3 litres down the side of the car I had to call it a day as it was causing such a mess and my arms were aching like mad.

I've checked the jerry can and there's no blockage in the nozzle, nor in the breather tube.

Do I just have to ram the nozzle further into the hole? Is that it? I never had this grief when using it on previous cars.

Anyone else get the same problem or am I just being a dork?

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Why on earth would you be transferring fuel from a jerry can to your car? Sounds like you do it a lot? Does your local fuel station not have a pump? :lol:

Just asking

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Every time I drive across to Germany, on the way back to the tunnel I fill up the car and a jerry can purely in case I run out of fuel on the way home. I had a Laguna that I had no trouble with but my Auris appears to want to cause me problems.

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