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Intermittent Starting Manual Verso 160Sx

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Hi Guys

I am new to the forum and have a problem with a 2005 Verso 160SX. It seems to be completely dead on first start up and on any ocassion when the car has stood for long enough to cool completely. ( I should qualify that by saying only the starter is completely dead - everything else powers up just fine)

If I jump start it, then it will start fine thereafter until cool.

I have charged the Battery, and checked clamps. All good.

I have taken out the starter motor and cleaned out and greased the solenoid. I thought this has sorted it but on second day after repair it seems to be back. I am confident about the starter motor as it is strong once it gets current.

As i see it there are three things

1) the start button itself - again this works fine once first started so don't think it is at fault

2) There must be a starter relay - not sure where this lurks but I am thinking this is the most likely source.

3) starter motor and solenoid - Already bench tested and cleaned out and working well.

I have not given much thought to the clutch switch, but the fact that the starter button changes from orange to green once this is depressed, makes me think this is not at fault.

Any ideas where the elusive starter relay lurks and are there other options that I am not considering.



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