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Outside Temperature Sensor - 2001 Rav4 4.2

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Hello all,

I searched the forum for quite a long time and I haven't found what I was looking for.. So I thought maybe this new topic would help..


I have a 2001 4.2 D4D RAV4 which had the original headunit inside. The problem is that the headunit only had a radio and CD player, which was not enough for me. Another OEM headunit would be too expensive, so I bought a standard mp3 player and radio from Pioneer.

The new player looks quite ok and sounds better than the original headunit, but the problem is that I have lost the "onboar computer", which shows me the average speed, average fuel consumption, instant fuel consumption, etc. I don't really mind that I've lost those, but I really miss the outside temperature indicator.

My question is: is there any separate display that I could connect to the outside temperature wires (connectors 12 and 13 on the R3 connector on the back of the original headunit)? Or can I use a "no name" car thermometer that has both inside and outside temperature sensors? Something like this:


Maybe connect the wires of the outside temperature sensor in the car to the connection of the sensor in the "no name" car thermometer?

Are there any outside temperature sensor electrical specs? That I could match with the "no name" specs?

Has anyone done anything like this? :wall

Thanks! Cristian

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I too changed from the standard headunit but mine never showed the outside temp. Never really used the AVG speed / MPG info. I am also interseted in an in/out thermometer. I never got round to buying one yet but the best looking I found was this...


Matches the dashboard amber lighting too. Should be easy to connect to the back of the cigarette lighter socket?

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I also never really used average speed and fuel consumption.. I have checked them for a while when I bought the car and realized they're not too accurate, so just ignored them.. But the outside temperature was really accurate and useful.. And I would love to have it back..

The problem with the in/out thermometer that you've shown me is that it's not too simple to get the outside sensor outside the car... I don't know how to do that and that is why I would like to connect the car's sensor to the new thermometer...

Thanks, Cristian

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I completely agree....Connecting to the existing sensor would be perfect and save routing the cable through the firewall to the outside.

Hopefully someone will chip in soon.

I do think however that the sensor would be calibrated to the receiver?

An easy route to the engine bay would also be helpful info? (and don't say "Via the bonnet")

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Well.. that's what I'm trying to find out.. the electrical specs of the Toyota sensor to see if it matches the new receiver..

Of course, an easy route for the new sensor wire would also be useful, but the cable for the new sensor is not long enough, anyway, to get to the original sensor's location... Which would probably be the best location for the new sensor, also..

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I'm in the process of designing and installing a custom inside/outside temperature display. If all works as planned, it will fit into the empty slot under my single din stereo.

Two questions though....

1. From behind the stereo has anyone taken a wire through to the engine area? What is the easiest route to the radiator?

2. Where would an interior temp sensor be located usually to get the best reading. Obviously hanging down into the centre of the cabin isn't ideal! :)

Cheers, Lee

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Go on the techdoc website and follow the instructions for a 12S trailer socket to see how to route through the bulkhead. Temp sensors for the inside are usually fairly low down at knee height in the dash and well out of the sunlight.

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Perfect!!! Thankyou!!!

As soon as you mentioned "fairly low down at knee height in the dash" I thought maybe that is what should be behind the tiny grate below the steering wheel. Behind that is empty with a holder for something. (presumably the interior sensor if you have climate control?) That will make a perfect place to locate my interior sensor when that arrives!!

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