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T27 Non Sat-Nav, How-To On Getting Caller Id With Iphone

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It seems there's an issue where the iPhone 4 isn't completely compatible with the non Sat-Nav head unit in the T27 (well, it isn't on mine anyway).  Caller ID didn't work, even on contacts I'd saved.  Here's how I got round the problem...

After pairing the phone I had two options displayed for adding contacts - by phone or manually.  I wasn't able to add contacts by phone due to the car needing contacts "pushed" to it, and the iPhone needing contacts "pulled" from it.  I could add contacts manually and add voice tags to them for voice dialling, but caller ID didn't work.  The display said "incoming" or "talking".  (Sometimes I got a number but I didn't figure out when this happened.)

Anyway the answer is to use another phone to "push" contacts to the car.  I used an old Sony Ericsson.  I deleted the contacts I'd manually added to the car before I started.  Simply connect the old phone and send the contacts you want one at a time by bluetooth, adding voice tags as you go.  Don't be fooled by the fact that bluetooth seems to disconnect when you're about to push the contact, as it re-connects when you actually push it.  Once finished delete the old phone from the car and select your iPhone again.  The car associates the stored names/numbers with your iPhone and caller ID works on them.

Hopefully this might be of some help to someone.

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