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1998 Remote Fob Programming

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I had a search of the forum and found nothing posted relevant to my needs but I am wondering if anyone out there has some info that could help me program up a replacement key fob for my Mk1 1998 Rav 4 Auto?

I have purchased a second hand replacement remote fob from a popular auction site. I have the black two button remote labelled : D/X1123. Does anyone know how to program my cars alarm/locking unit to recognise this new fob?



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well if the fob is not communicating you need to set up that remote fob

you will need 2 philips screwdriver one big one small, working in the drivers footwell where the clutch footrest is there is a plastic screw (turn a half turn then just pull out both parts) then move towards the gear stick (same peice of plastic) a metal screw unscrew that then remove that bit of plastic. then on the other side of where the metal screw you will see a box held on with cable ties, cut the tie close to the ratchet part of the tie so you can re use it. this box can be manovered out this is your alarm ecu on one side you will see one rivit and a small screw. undo this small screw and slide the metal upwards. you will then see 8 dip switches and a hole with a green button. now what you need to do is put your key in the ignition (i would take your fob off your key ring bunch to make it easier) turn it to acc or on but dont start the car when that is done use the small screwdriver to push the green button for more than 2 seconds which will make the red light near your gear stick (alarm indicator light) illuminate whilst this light is lit hold both alarm fob buttons the box will click and indicators will flash. job done now just take the key out and shut the doors and test both buttons. if works just put it all back

to make it easier you can remove the part where the headlight level adjuster is. the outer plastic part (where that headlight level adjuster is) just prises off easy then 4 screws on the black insert (i found removing there bits helped alot)

let me know how you get on

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Thanks MrBilly,

I took a look last night to try and find the control box but couldn't see/identify it. I took the panel off next to the clutch rest in the driver foot well. I could see an ECU type box with a few connectors attached but no box with cable ties. I may have to remove more to get access to it ? Do I need to remove the gear change plastic tunnel cover?

I took a photo of what I could see and have attached to this post. Any further advice woupost-129373-0-96902100-1360849767_thumb.ld be gratefully received.


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thats the cars ecu you can see in silver.

to have better access remove the gear stick area if you can and also the area where the black plastic pocket area and headlight adjustment know is. the unit is cable tied to the upstand. might even be that one shown on the photo bottom left with the screw. its either that or on the opposite side

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