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Auxiliary Jack Into A 2003 Toyota Corolla

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Hi Im new to this forum but Im looking for a cheap-ish way of installing an Aux jack into my head unit, but I want it to be a high quality connection so not a fm transmitter etc, because i dont want to lose mpg and temp functions

Any ideas?


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Hi Aj.

Try looking at devices like the Connects2 USB. I have one fitted to my 2004 rolla and it works well.

It plugs into the CD changer socket on the back of the head unit with a lead long enough for you to store the unit in the glove box. The unit itself has a USB and SD card socket as well as a 3.5mm phono jack connecter for your MP3 player. The only downside is that the earlier stereo (like mine) will not display track names. There is a model number on the face of the head unit so you can make sure that the device you get is for your stereo (the CD changer connector on the back of the stereo changed so knowing which model stereo you have is important to ensure you get a compatible item)

I got mine for about £50 a couple of years ago and it's very reliable.

There are other makes that you can add bits to like a bluetooth dongle for hands free telephony.

I hope this helps.

If you need any more advice, please ask.



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