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Corolla T3 vvti 54 reg.

Driving along approx speed 30-40mph..car starts slowing down, almost as if i'm braking even tho i wasn't. Put it into first and can't get it above a few miles per hour, like i'm pressing the brake and gas pedal at the same time :/, turn off the engine, press the brakes a few times and it drives ok again. Happened twice that now..what could it be? Also when for instance i go over a pot hole the car sometimes slows down momentarily wouldn't quite say it jerks back but there is defo a slight pull back, like i've just tapped the brake pedal. Noticed it's done that a few times when going round a round about. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Sure sounds an odd one.

Have you noticed the engine check or abs lights coming on as well when the slowing starts ?

From your description it sounds like its movement causing something to fail or cut off, but what ..??

Any work done recently in the engine bay or brakes ?

Wonder if it could be a faulty abs sensor making the system to brake ?

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thank you for your reply :)

I had the brake carrier changed on the drivers side as the slider bolt there was sticking.

A few weeks later however im driving along and the car wont accelerate, almost identical to the first problem i had, going down hill, put the car in neutral and tried revving the engine but it would not go over 1000 revs, like the accelerator pedal would not work, switched the car off and back on and it was back to normal. I've noticed this happens when i turn right sharpish and whilst pressing the accelerator pedal, it almost goes in to some limp mode. Engine light is on and plugged in a computer thing (sorry don't know the proper name for them) and a couple of codes came back

- P0113

- P0121

- P0123

What do these mean and from these codes does anyone know what the problem is?

Thank you

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Had something similar with my corolla, it was actually a spark plug that was broken, causing the engine light to come on and putting the ecu into ' go home mode' preventing high revs and high speed, just enough to get you home. Check it out!

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What you're talking about happened not long ago, Oil had got in to one of the spark plug chambers, messed up the coil pack, got that changed and car was normal again. That was different to this :/

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The codes you have pulled tell you the following:

P0113 - Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input

P0121 - Throttle Position Sensor/Switch A Circuit Range/Performance Problem

P0123 - Throttle Position Sensor/Switch A Circuit High Input

Out of the three, P0121 and P0123 are the main reasons why your accelerator pedal "is not working".

In a nutshell, the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) tells your car computer how much you are pressing the accelerator pedal so that it can operate the engine efficiently.

It looks like yours is either not working at all, or giving out incorrect readings. Therefore your car's computer will not let it go much above idle speed for safety reasons.

If you are familiar with the throttle body, then take a look at it and you will see the TPS bolted to it - it's a black plastic device with a black cable connector. Example picture below:

Check that the cable connector is attached properly: Remove and inspect the connector terminals for corrosion. There may be a metal locking spring on the connector plug that you need to slide sideways first to be able to remove the connector.

The same applies for the Intake Air Temp sensor - this is normally found pushed into a hole in the air filter housing, again with a black connector.

Once you have checked that, you may need to clear the codes by removing the main Battery connector for 30 seconds.

If the codes come back, or the problem otherwise remains, then it may be the TPS is faulty.

Example TPS Sensor:

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