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Cabin Quality Of 2012 Auris?

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I would like some feedback from people owning/having driven the new Auris without leather in the cabin. What's your opinion on the quality/build of the cabin? I think the dash facing the passenger looks very dated (goes for the cabin in general, actually) but if the rest of the car is rock solid and reliable I might be able to live with a 80-90s looking cabin.


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Why does it matter what others think? If you are buying the car, it is your thoughts that count

I feel this will turn into another annoyingly long "What do you think" thread like the Hybrid / fuel consumption thread

I think it is about time you took the plunge Nicolai and sod what everybody else thinks, just buy the bally car if you like it!

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Why does it matter if the dash facing the passenger looks dated? Having had both a 1996 Toyota Corolla and a 1998 Corolla (both owned for three years from new), I know the 2013 Auris' interior looks nothing like the interior of 90's Corolla.

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