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Celica 190 Changing Gear

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Hi, I have a Toyota Celica 190 on a 2002 plate, when I'm in lift and try to change gear it's really hard to select the next gear, just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and any ideas what it could be?

Any replies would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hello Short190,

I also have this same problem, my model of Celica is:

T-Sport 190 2004

Seems to only be an issue for my when in lift and from 2nd to 3rd gear - would also appreciate a reply guys (:

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I had the same problem when changing gear in the lift it kinda got stuck but with a bit more of a push it went in. I thought it was time to get a new clutch as the car was nearly touching 100,000 miles when I replaced it, it was like a new car it sprung into each gear with no problems it set me back £480 but worth it.

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Hi guys any update here?

From your responses it sounds like the clutch...and I have the same issue!

It started today and i noticed I have to slam the clutch pedal to the floor before I

could get a gear. This made me think 'clutch'. Then later in the day it was a

real pig to change in lift.

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