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Odd Behaviour From Interior Lights

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We have just got ourselves a 55 plate 2.0 D-4D T3 Verso, which seems like a great car.

Just one odd thing though with the interior courtesy lights; when we are driving around a fairly sharp corner the lights switch on? We can obviously remedy this by setting them to off, but this in-turn disables the lights for when exiting the stationary vehicle. Can anyone please advise if they have come across this before or is it a fault?

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi Magou.

I'd suggest having a look at the doors for movement when closed and the door switches. If it happens cornering, it could be a door moving slightly triggering the courtesy light switch.

The doors can be adjusted to take up any "slack", or if they look to be closed securely, look to see if you can adjust the switches.

If the switches cannot be adjusted, stick a little rubber pad to the door where it contacts the switch.

Hope this helps


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I had this problem with a Ford car, turns out the rubber was perishing on the switch on the door and the wires were worn inside causing it to short switching the light on.

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Hi Rattus,

Yes, all is now sorted.

I removed all the rubber covers and sprayed the switches and connectors with WD40, then packed the cover internal pockets with grease - Job done :D

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