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Subwoofer On Manufactures Headunit


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toyota do there own that goes under one of the seats and a big wire that runs to the back of the headunit, that supplies all the power etc, ive got one in my car its not a big unit amp and speaker combined but does improve the bass,

its no where near as good as the 12 inch sub box i had i another car, but you still have your boot

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Thanks for the reply, I am looking at fitting a subwoofer in the boot and just wondering what it can handle as far as watts are concerned, dont really like the idea of a underseat one

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im pretty happy with the existing speakers in my Corolla at the moment but im looking for an added bass punch,


Think if you had a pair of decent front Speakers and matching tweeters you would soon change you mind on that point, was the first thing I changed on my CC.

Just search this and the Audio forum for lots of posts on Speakers and head units.

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