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Looking To Buy A Hiace Camper

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hi i have a 85 pop top dormmobile hiace.. everything works and is in good condition, obviously some rust.. if your still interested email me ts sitting up at the moment for the past 6 mths i have no time with my new baby.



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I know your post was a while ago but I just came across it and thought I'd send you a message.

We are sadly considering selling our girl. We're moving house and also have a second little one on the way (she was great for the three of us but not sure how we could get seat belts for 2 car seats ).

She has been a great little runner, we enjoyed a couple of weeks in France in her in June and she didn't miss a beat.

Unfortunately there is some rust starting which is our own fault as we never got around to putting her to bed for the winter :( There is one bit that definitely needs work where the roof hinge has pulled away, the rest doesn't look to be major. She also needs a part to do with the exhaust (manifold gasket?). We are in two minds whether to do the work and pop her for sale in the spring or sell her as she is (as time and money are a slight issue!)

She has a massive Viking spacesaver roof and is pretty tidy inside for her age. Low mileage, 76000 before start of the reason and we've probably done a few thousand since. MOT until March (she went through last time no problem).

Anyway, as I said we're not definitely selling her right now but I thought it may be worth a post, if there is interest I will get photos of her rusty bits etc. I'll just pop one up of her on holiday for now.



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I have a '74 Hiace camper with the original Danbury conversion and interior.

The engine needs work and it could do with new paint. The chassis is solid and has been garaged most its life.

72,000 miles on the clock.

Let me know if your interested.



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Hi Andrew

Thanks for your reply, could you please send me a couple of pics to my e mail address listed above in a previous response?

Also details of engine work required.


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