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Test Drives Booked For Tomorrow

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hi all sorry to ask a question that has prob been asked 100 times b4 but my poor searching ability was unable to find one.

As the title suggest i have 2 test drives booked both for an advensis diesel 2.2 t4 one on an o6 plate with 75k on the clock and one for an 07 plate with 90k on the clock.

what sort of things should i look out for specific to this model?

what r the servicing intervals for cambelt etc?

are there any servicing nastys i should be aware of for future reference?

what sort of price are the spares ( i had a 1.2 fabia estate b4 clutch kit was near 400 quid!!!!!!)

once again appolagies if this is a repetative question

Thanks in advance


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Hi & welcome,


The big potential gotcha on these cars is the head gasket issue albeit it probably only occurs on a small % & Toyota have instituted an extended warranty (7 years/180000km) for it.

If you look in this & the RAV4 forums you can get up to speed on it.

It's chain-driven rather than belt :)

Like any modern turbo-diesel spares like DMF, DPF if fitted, turbo, injectors etc. are not cheap.

I found mine to be comfortable, practical, reliable & fairly inexpensive to run but with all that weight over the nose it's not the world's most exciting drive on the twisty bits.

The oem bulbs were pretty poor so if they haven't already you will probably want to upgrade them to the likes of Nightbreakers/Xtreme-Vision.

Brakes are average but again when due for replacement can be upgraded with 3rd-party bits inexpensively (cheaper than the Toyota parts in fact) .

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well to be fair to my rover i only did the head twice once cos it had an external water leak (from around the exhaust manifold) and that was the cheaper lets hope it works option rather than a brand new head... second time i had to do it because the valvestem seals were leaking.... kinda my fault for not doing it all the first time... but money was tight at the time.

is it a case of if u look after the tyota and fix any coolent/heating issue imediatly it will look after u??? or is it a case of poor design and it will go at some point.


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It's actually an oil/carbon issue rather than cooling.

We simply don't know what % of these engines develop the problem - only Toyota do & for obvious reasons they don't publicise that info.

My gut feel is that it's only a few % if that but that doesn't help you if yours does develop it & you are outside the 7 year/1800000km extended warranty limits as it's about a £6K fix!

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6 grand is the engine gold???????????????????? i assume thats for toyota to do it rather than diy job. i guess the answer is maticulas (spelling) servicing and care and get as young a car as i can afford,

i saw on the link u posted on ur first post there was a list of affected engines ....is that basicly all diesel engines?

i shall let ya know how i get on today

thanks for ya help


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it's basically a replacement 3/4 engine incl. labour.

Yes, it's the various versions of the 2.0 & 2.2. D4Ds fitted to the T25 Avensis.

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ok i went and drove both the cars today. the 06 plate had whisps of smoke coming up from under the turbo didnt smell oily and when i switched engine off i couldnt feel any liquid but was hard to get my mitt in there. the 07 plate had a slight rattle that sounded like a valve chipping at low rev's but above 3k it stopped. (i know it wouldnt be a valve chipping in this case just cant think how else to discribe the noise)

Oh yes the 07 plate also had a crack in the rear offside light cluster lense any ideas on cost to fix???

i appreciate any feed back


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