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My Hilux Is Throwing Bits Out.

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Hi there, I have a 57 plate 3.0 hilux. About four months ago, with about 78000 miles on the clock, the forked bracket that holds the fuel injector in place snapped in half where the bolt goes through. The injector shot out and smashed the rocker cover. Has anyone ever heard of this problem before? I am under the impression that this is a cast metal part and unlikley to break unless there was either a. a fault with the metal used. b. the fault occured in the factory and the bolt was over tightened causeing it to crack, but still hold, until it finally gave way. When you look at the break, Oil etc appears to have embedded into the metal, (which would surely take a long time) and there is a shiney part, the section that finnaly gave up the ghost. I have paid to have the truck repaired, but ever since it takes forever to start in the mornings or if its been left for a while to cool down, and i have a miss fire on idle. Do you think the two are linked? Toyota have said that its just a normal stress fracture, but i have tried to break a simillar bracket to no avail. Can anyone shed some light on this, and where i possibly may stand in regards to having the cost of the work refunded.

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I've never heard of it happen there!

It did happen on the rear wheel cylinder on my exe's polo = no brakes...

Its something I'd really not expect to see in the way you had it, but I think you would be very hard pushed to get anything back for it, especially as it is already paid for... sorry!

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