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Should I Take It Back?

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I've just taken delivery of my 59 plate IQ from SLM Toyota in Hastings. The car is lovely and I'm very happy, but the steering wheel isnt straight. When driving straight the wheel is crooked and if I put the wheel straight it steers to the right.

The car doesn't pull to the right and drives perfectly. But this is the first car I have ever bought from a Main Dealer and I'm not sure if this is something I should complain about.

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It sounds like the Tracking has been reset. leaving the steering wheel off set.

(or possibly some steering parts were replaced at MOT time & set, other possibility was car kerbed or similar

& required the Tracking to be checked and adjusted.)

The steering wheel needs to be taken off & put on straight and i would ask the dealer to do this.

*i would insist actually, whoever serviced the vehicle before you collected it should has oticed and acted on it.*

The Air bag needs deactivated while it is done & this is why whoever did the Ttracking never did it at the time.

*Do not let anyone else do it other than the Supplying Dealership*

Not connected,

but since collecting the car have you checked tyre pressures yourself and adjusted correctly.?

Best to ever trust garages or tyre fitters set pressures.


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There was someone on this forum who put their IQ in for the "steering recall" (I think it was) whose steering wheel was repositioned incorrectly during the reassembly and they had a bit of bother convincing the dealership it was their fault.

A 59 IQ will have had this recall done, so that may be the reason for the squint wheel position.

It was fixed eventually I believe, but in this case I would take it straight back or else they may try the old "you must have kerbed it sir, on your way home..not our problem" approach.

It is an infuriating fault and totally unliveable with, in my opinion.


PS This old thread covers some examples of non-straight steering after the recall work, which was due to the steering wheel being misaligned and/or faulty tracking adjustment. It is a bit long-winded but has some interesting info. in it.


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I have a 59 plate and had the steering recall. I was told by the guy's at the dealership that the tolerances of the recall fall into two levels. I requires a software re calibration but if its well out of sped it requires a column change. Fortunately , mine was the software

Btw if all else fails the centre logo pad on the steering wheel comes off easily withe a flat blade screwdriver into 2 slots of the cowling and off it comes revealing the steering nut


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Hi Paul...in my experience SLM have a very positive attitude to issues, and do their best to resolve. I deal with Uckfield not Hastings, but same company.

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