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05' Corolla Verso T180 Egr Valve - Help!

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I've had a quick look across the forum and I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice about the EGR valve problem we are having or I'd like to hear any similar stories.

We bought the car 2nd hand from a Toyota dealer in Dec 2010. We discovered in Sept 11 that the engine needed replacing due to high Oil consumption (at the time we were told it was the EGR valve, maybe all part of the same issue?) The engine was replaced with a 'reconditioned' one and a new EGR valve fitted but a week later on a big drive down to see family we felt the car was misfiring, not right. We took it to the dealer where we were because with three kids we didn't want to risk another long journey with a fault. They found that the EGR valve plug was broken and clogged so replaced it. We were moving house at this time so when we got to our new place in Kent we took it straight to the local dealer who said it just needed a new fuel filter and software update (Oct 11)

Ok so we are now only 5k miles and 16 months on (so out of warranty!) and the car went into limp mode the other day. Managed to get to the dealer and they said there was a huge blockage in the EGR valve and water inside (condensation from the blockage apparently) They say the EGR valve needs replacing for £500. But a new EGR valve was fitted when the engine was changed plus it has been looked at twice since then - is this right? After just 5k miles should it be blocked and broken again? I've raised it with Toyota UK, it's out of warranty and I didn't get it serviced in time so they want anything to do with it. If I pay £500 for a new EGR valve will it last? We are so disappointed with Toyota, we really thought we were getting a reliable car but it has been one thing after the other (other issues: broken horn, broken electric window, broken entertainment system...)

I could get the repair done cheaper at a local garage but when I told them about the issue they seem to think there is a bigger underlying problem - frightening!

Would love to hear form anyone with similar issues or advice.


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