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Snow Driving

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So i'm heading up the A9 yesterday and as I head over the Drumochter pass i encounter some snow.

As my iPhone as mounted to a holder dubbrie mounted to the windscreen, i turned it to landscape and hit record.

Here's a screen shot of one section of road..



Here's also a wee video of me overtaking a van. I will admit i ended up going faster than i was comfortable because the pillock clearly had a pride issue causing him to speed up as i went to pass.

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Obviously didnae want the splash from your Hokoyamas going on his windscreen, Webz....what a complete non pendulus male appendage......THAT'S ME BACK, BTW.

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Agreed Kevmin.

I must admit I had a lot of fun. I can also admit to heading off down a wee lane to have a bit of fun. And a bit of fun wiz had!!!!

Seriously. Winter tyres are the doggies worsits in the snow!!!

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Yokohama W.Drives - rock n' roll webbers.

The only problem I have is getting up a very wintery lane to the station then slipping on my @rse because the damn things have lulled me into a false sense of security. They defy physics!!!

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Not had any REAL snow to try wife's on yet. Removing winter tyres from TTE Granite wheels next week, and putting them on to toyotaownersclub newly acquired alloys. That leaves the TTE wheels naked in order to let resident alloy expert Hoovie inspect and advise.....photos to follow.

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