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Need Advice On Radio/cd Player

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I have an 03 Corolla, I have it over a year and the radio/cd player used to work fine but now the radio won't pick up stations most of the time its just white noise.

I could have a station tuned in fine and then it will just go and then maybe come back but its never clear.

Only some cds will play but when they do they skip alot. I'v bought new cds and they wont play the cd player just ejects them after trying to read them,

Do i just need a new radio or is there something that can be done with the wiring maybe??

Thanks for the help!! :)

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In case the regular Audio guys do not pick up on your problem, the is a specific Audio forum here.


From your first description it does sound as if you may have a wiring problem at the back of the unit, partic the aerial socket or even the external aerial may be damaged or corroded where it screws in.

There are details of how the remove the radio unit elsewhere in the forum.

With you saying the CD is also causing problems, then it does make you wonder in the fault is internal, in which case a new unit is probably the only option.

You can fit a new aftermarket unit, again see the many forum entries, but of those who have removed their old toyota unit for and upmaket one, they may sell you the old one for a small fee if you want to retain the original look.

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