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Verso 1.8 Petrol Fuel Consumption

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Last June I purchased a 2009 model Verso 1.8 petrol (manual) with 15,000 miles 'on the clock'. I am happy with the car in every respect except for fuel consumption. Most of my driving these days is short runs with an occasional 50/100 mile trip and an overall fuel consumption (calculated from all fill ups over eight months) of 32 mpg.

I did meet a man in Tesco with a virtually identical model who also reckons around 32 with 34 mpg on a longer run. I had expected realistically around 35/36 overall, the same as our 2008 1.6 Auris - any comments?

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Bigger, heavier (+180kg) than the 1.6 Auris. Have a look at the Real mpg information on the Honest John website to see what other people are getting: http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/toyota/verso-2009/18-v-matic

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Mileage you're getting is about right.

I've had my Verso T Spirit 1.8 manual for 8 years now (67,000 mls). On short runs such as town driving the consumption can be as low as 28mpg which seems to be the norm, but once the engine heats up it improves vastly. If I avoid local driving and go for a run the consumption is between 40-46mpg at around 60mph.

This car scores on reliability. I've just had my 5th MOT carried out on this car and once again it passed without even an advisory. Not many cars achieve this at eight years old. I do an Oil change each year, along with Oil, air and pollen filter. I've replaced consumables such as brakes (pads and disc as appropriate) spark plugs and tyres as required and this car has never let me down. In fifty years of motoring I've always changed my cars every 2-3 years but I've been so impressed with my Verso (the first Toyota I've ever owned) that I'm happy to hold on to it for some time yet.

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