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Replacement Brake Caliper

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After a recent service and MOT on by '53 plate Corolla, my local garage informed me that the n/s front brake caliper was seizing up. They freed it to pass MOT but now needs attending to. Anybody got any idea if it's an easy job and how much it might cost? I believe I have to find the correct make of the part?

The car is a T Spirit and I can't quite see this information throught the sports wheel so I guess this has to come off.


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There are two things that can seize on the brake caliper, the two slider pins that allow the whole caliper to move on the axle mounting and the pad piston.

The slider pins are a regular seizure point and a good garage should check them during a yearly service and in many cases be easily cleaned up, lubricated with red grease and re assembled.

If the Pins are too corroded a new set of 4 is around £25 I believe.

If its the piston then expect there is a similar repair kit for it, typically a piston and / or sealing ring and boot; though thats not a repair I have done on a rolla.

Repairing the slider pins is fairly easy, the piston while perhaps not difficult does require a degree of care with it being the brakes hydraulics - a job left to the garage if you do not feel competent.

Renewing the actual caliper would be unlikely I would have thought

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